I have been working on Experiential Design and Interactive Installations for over 10 years.
In that time I have worked on installations featured in:

Royal Academy of Art – London, England (temporary)
Univseral Studios, Osaka – Osaka, Japan (permanent)
MIT Museum – Cambridge, MA USA (permanent)
Ampex Headquarters – San Carlos, CA USA (permanent)
Adler Planetarium – Chicago, IL USA (permanent)
Shedd Aquarium – Chicago, IL USA (permanent)
Museum of Science & Technology – Chicago, IL USA (permanent)
PAX Prime / East – Seattle, WA / Boston, MA USA (event)
Staten Island Children’s Museum – Staten Island, NY USA (permanent)

These installations and many others cover a broad range of forms, including architectural features, museum exhibits, live stage shows, and life-size videogame interactives.

I have professional experience in:

  • Connecting multidisciplinary teams
  • Developing large scale installations for museums and theme parks
  • Using various frameworks such as Unity3D, Touchdesigner, and many others
  • Working with a range of systems from high-end custom built computers to low powered microcontrollers
  • Designing and creating light art
  • Creating live performance experiences
  • Developing code architectures that serve as the core framework for long term projects
  • Building custom tools to assist with artist workflows

Adler Planetarium

A Walk Through Time and Space

Video courtesy of M1 Interactive

Installed in Chicago’s Adler Planetarium, this installation features multiple educational exhibits about our space, matter, and the nature of time itself.

Over the course of a year I helped bring this gallery to life using many different technologies and code frameworks, including Unity3D, MaxMSP, and others.

This installation was featured in an episode of the Netflix series Easy

Ignite Your Spark

Fireball Toss at PAX

Video courtesy of M1 Interactive

As part of Magic the Gathering’s “Ignite Your Spark” campaign, Wizards of the Coast invited us to create a 40 foot projection screen where users realized the fantasy of casting fireball spells using pose tracking technology. Created using Unity3D and Kinect.

Visual Performance with Mend

Unity3D, LEDs, Raspberry Pi, oh my

Mend performed live in Toronto at the aftermath festival in front of an audio reactive environment projected above the stage, with audio reactive sculptures populating the stage around them.

Created using Unity3D for visuals, and python running on a Raspberry Pi for lighting. My favorite lighting design project so far.


Not Pictured

Various works either covered by NDA or insufficiently represented online

  • Theme park installations using real time pose tracking, integrating Touchdesigner with Unity3D
  • A popular children’s video game, created in Unity3D for mobile and web
  • VR installations including a collaboration with Farshid Moussavi for the Royal Academy of Art London’s 250th anniversary which streamed generative architecture from Rhino3D into Unity in realtime
  • A pseudo AI conversational system in Touchdesigner to serve as a grant application process for gifted students applying for STEM research grants
  • Countless editor tools written in Unity3D to expedite workflows
  • Innumerable one-off experiments in Touchdesigner to prototype proof-of-concepts
  • Hours of late night noodling on half baked ideas

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