Magic the Gathering: Ignite Your Spark

Kinect driven fireball toss installation at PAX East and PAX Prime

Video by Brian Dressel of M1Interactive

About the project:

This installation was created for Wizards of the Coast as part of the 2013 Magic the Gathering “Ignite Your Spark” campaign.
Users were able to step up to a 40 foot projection, raise their arm to summon a fire ball, and throw it at a target which could engulf the entire screen in flame if thrown properly. People enjoyed this immensely and there was a line around the huge booth to get to it.

My roles and tools:

I was the sole programmer on this project while at M1 Interactive.
I was responsible for all aspects of game behavior, experience, skeletal tracking implementation, throw detection including velocity and direction of motion, as well as particle effects and triggers, all using Unity3D.

Additional photos:

This Bloodrayne cosplay outfit was made of very reflective vinyl, and the kinect had a hard time tracking her. But it worked out in the end!
photo by Brian Dressel

photo courtesy of M1Interactive

A 40 foot long projection wall, 3 projectors, and a *lot* of poeple lined up to play.
photo by Brian Dressel

photo courtesy of M1Interactive