Intel 2065

A VR voyage to Intel’s FabLab of the future

photo property of NextNow Agency

About the project

This project was created as part of an Intel Inside traveling tour. It is a concept piece about the future of chip fabrication, where chips are designed in the cleanest environment possible: Space.
The project traveled through 20 countries, and had 3 simultaneous activations, and used the Oculus Rift to explore the virtual space of the future. This was created using Unity3D.

My roles and tools:

I was involved with this project during my time as Lead Developer at Next Now Agency in Chicago, Illinois.

I was involved in concept design, feature recommendation, programming, sound design, and also as a facilitator for communication between artists, programmers, and project managers during the creation of this project.

Additional photos:

This activation won the Event Marketer’s 2016 Ex Award for Best Mobile Marketing Tour through Next Now’s partner on this project, Manifesto. You can read more here, as well as see all the year’s winners.

photo property of NextNow Agency