Adler Planetarium

Wonders of the Universe: A Walk Through Space and Time

video by Brian Dressel of M1 Interactive

About the project:

This gallery was installed at the Adler Planetarium in 2012, featuring multiple exhibits illustrating various concepts about our universe since the big bang, such as the progression of matter in the universe from particles to galaxies, the speed of light, known star clusters, nebulae, and more.

My roles and tools:

I worked on this exhibit as part of  the M1 Interactive team in 2012.

I worked on various installations for this exhibit, including:

  • 3 top-down projection installations using the Kinect v1 in Unity3D
  • a touch screen navigation app in Flash/AS3 to drive projected content from another machine which took the user to the chosen landmark in our universe
  • a simple video delay app in Processing to illustrate the time it takes for light to reach the earth from the moon

I also helped with some audio design, hardware, various communication protocols, and installation of this exhibit.

Additional Images

Entry to the exhibit, showing the 3 top-down Unity apps on the floor
Entry Hallway at Alder Planetarium

photo courtesy of M1Interactive

User perspective of one of the Unity installations, where you can step on stars and watch them go supernova.

photo courtesy of M1Interactive

The galactic landmark navigation screen up close, and a projection-mapped wall playing various videos illustrating the scale of the universe, which can be selected at the podium.

photo courtesy of M1Interactive

If you’re in Chicago, I highly recommend going to see this exhibit, which is downstairs at the Adler Planetarium. It will be up through 2021.